Luxury Cufflinks have been a luxury item for centuries. Cufflinks were originally crafted by jewelers from fine metals. The earliest cufflinks were made of gold and silver and embellished with expensive jewels. Royalty and nobles from the Renaissance era were the earliest people to make a fashion statement with luxury cufflinks. Many luxurious cufflinks are […]

History of Cufflinks in Men’s Fashion and their uses have changed quite a bit over many centuries. We are able to trace the origins of cufflinks in men’s fashion as far back as the 13th Century. Prior to the year 1200, it is believed that cuffs on a man’s shirt were mostly held together using […]

Cufflinks Styles for Formal Occasions seems pretty straightforward. Put on you best dress shirt, tie, shoes, and suit, and you are ready to go Unlike women, who will use a variety of accessories, jewelry, and makeup products, men’s formal dress is pretty simple, requiring much less planning. One accessory that men often overlook with dress […]